Wednesday, November 20, 2019

Strategy Literature review Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2000 words

Strategy - Literature review Example This review will address the major aspects of capitalism in the society in the perspective of â€Å"Dead Man Working.† Mostly, these are the strategies the authors of this book recommend the society should adopt, as well as those they should not have taken in their course of combating capitalism. In this book, the authors portray the world today as good as dead because of the cancerous capitalism that prevails in various states. They recommend that what corporations and governments need is a change of strategy, especially in the managerial sector, as this will liven the dead world. Today, heavy capitalistic clouds cover the world. People are left helpless and have not taken any course of action to deal with this. People today have chosen to work and live, as this is the only option remaining, the alternative to capitalism. This trend persists among people as they wait for the unknown end, which could as well be the looming collapse of capital. However, this is not the right ap proach to face capitalism, as we shall see. The authors introduce the concept of emotional capitalism. This is the new face of capitalism today. The age of work ended, but it ironically adopted a different face evident in the present workers society, where everyone is obsessed with work. This book at the beginning describes a dead man working. He feels drained, and dead. This is his life routine, long office hours, compulsory team building sessions, and interactions with capitalist managers disguised as anti-capitalists. Working today is compared to a living hell. Working is neither living nor dying, it is a living death. However, the ‘dead’ man is expected by his corporation to wear a smile, and a jovial face. The authors attempt to show the difficulty presenting itself for any chances of the situation getting better. The new face of capitalism is hard to clear. First, the capitalistic managers in work places today wear the friendliness masks. Capitalists have become t actful in their strategies, as they even condemn capitalism and tyranny, and employ anti-capitalistic policies in corporations. In addition, they ask their workers to incorporate an element of fun in their work. This is a strategy to brainwash the employees from seeing the dark side of their work and the capitalistic face of corporations. Corporations today propagate the capitalistic culture and this has resulted in somatic desolation of employees, and these are considered â€Å"dead† but still working, as capitalism has squeezed life out of them. Most people do not like their work today. ‘Entering the workforce is like entering the grave† (4). This is a fact known by managers of corporations. They therefore employ other strategies to change the employees’ perception of work. For instance, â€Å"fun-sultants’ are invited in companies to make employees who work themselves to death have a moment of laughter. The authors break down the characteristics of the dead world in order to prove to the reader the state of the contemporary labor sector. Not all these characteristics happened naturally, rather, they are strategies adopted by governments, companies, as well as wealthy individuals to achieve their selfish interests, while blinding the public who will not read between the lines. The main characteristic is the liberal communism, a strategy employed by governments and corporations. Liberal communism embraces philanthropy at highest levels. No one hates philanthropy;

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